Sunday, December 9, 2012

December 8th -- Wiesbaden Weihnachtmarkt

December 8th -- Wiesbaden's Christmas Market

C, S and I visited the Wiesbaden Christmas Market on Saturday.  It is a really nice market.  Somewhat different from Frankfurt and Köln, but fun.  Here are a few pictures from the market.

S is holding what we had for lunch -- a cross between pizza and flammkuchen

These wooden dolls are holiday incense smokers -- the incense comes
out through their mouths!

S's favorite -- All different types of chocolate covered marshmallows

This one is for you Mrs. Jones -- so you say you like Torroni -- take a look at this stand.

Puppets so ugly they are cute!

Poffetrjes -- Dutch mini-pancakes

Wurst Anyone!

Had to take a picture of these hedgehogs -- made entirely of grass

S -- the most beautiful girl at the Market!

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